Eleven is the number of brothers and sisters Evelyn lost to the Lord’s Resistance Army. She herself was abducted and held as a child soldier for five, grim years. But, since Evelyn’s involvement with GRG, she has been able to build a brighter, sustainable future. Directed by Federico Rodriguez.

Farming for a brighter future. Former child soldiers design farming and other projects to rebuild their lives in northern Uganda. Directed by Kasper Agger.

Three weeks. Twenty- one days. Five hundred and four hours. That is how long Robert spent walking back home as a child after escaping from captivity in the Lord’s Resistance Army in northern Uganda. In his seemingly endless two years with the rebels, he was forced to kill, abduct young children, and walk over 300 miles, usually in dense jungle without shoes. And yet now just three short years later, he is leading a successful community project to help his fellow former child soldiers to generate income and reintegrate back into society. Directed by Kasper Agger.